Simple Flash MP3 Player


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Method 1: Easy way (copy paste code)

Link to Song File:

(something like

Autostart song on player load This feature only works on newer browsers

Copy And Paste this code:

Method 2: Use you're own server (probably better if you know how)


1. Download onto your computer
2. See readme file for installation
3. Upload to server



Simple Flash MP3 Player is a small Macromedia Flash program that can play mp3 music files on your website, MySpace, Xanga, Blog, or just about anywhere. It will work whether you have you're own hosting or not. The emphasis in on simplicity, not complicated functions that your DJ/IT professional dad uses at the radio station/Cisco Systems.


Eric is tired of the old BS Macromedia Flash MP3 players out there, so in typical Eric fashion he makes his own. Eric doesn't want XML playlists. Eric doesn't want interglactic radio-nucleic-fusion from the MP3 player on his website, however he would like it to be fast, have a pause, play and stop button. Thus Simple Flash MP3 Player is born.

Of course he could use the typical <embed> html tag to play audio, but Eric feels that using embed is exceedingly crappy. Using the embed tag is not completely cross-compatible like Simple Flash MP3 Player, and also embed is just not as sexy as flash.



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